Homeland Security Jobs

Homeland Security jobs, for many people, can be a term proposed after 11-September-2001, the 9/11 terrorist activity. That was the time which entirely changed political scenarios and the security conditions of the Entire world. The United States was most badly affected the wave of terrorism. But according to different reports, it was first coined in 1998 for a research journal, which emphasizes on more safe and secure, sovereign America. But till 9/11 not much attention was paid to the term. But after the attack on World Trade Center and Pentagon, the government bodies, Security agencies, and the Think Tanks jointly discussed the future of the safety of people and the region. After long discussions, proposals and arguments, this term was officially announced followed by an Act of Homeland Security in given in 2002. This was further followed by the reorganization of American Civil Agencies in 2003 and a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established. According to different reports of Homeland Security Research the U.S. federal Homeland Security and Homeland Defense includes 187 federal agencies and departments, including the National Guard of the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the United States Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the 14 agencies that constitute the U.S. intelligence community and Civil Air Patrol. Although many businesses now operate in the area of homeland security, it is overwhelmingly a government function.

Homeland Security Jobs

Homeland Security jobs are also important in this regard. They are offered by the Department of Homeland Security and have a vast range of job fields. This is to notify that all the jobs are opened for everyone who is eager to play his role to make America Safe and Secure. These securities not only include combating terrorist activities but they also include criminal activities which are an internal threat to America. They also work to eradicate Gang Mafias from all the States of America. The basic purpose of the Homeland Security jobs is to fight against domestic and international aggression. The people hired by the Department of Homeland security are deployed everywhere in the America. The jobs range from border patrol agent to FBI agent to secret service agents. According to the Career Outlook published by Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs of Homeland Security are on Land, at Sea, and in the air. They are everywhere! Anyone who wanted to get hired as a part of Homeland Security can choose a field of work according to his capabilities and eligibilities. These jobs are present in every state. Each of these jobs is related to securing the people and the land.

Homeland security jobs do not bound to the security threats only. When the department oaths to secure, it means to secure the people from every incidental and accidental happening. The Department also works to save people from natural disasters. It can be any Hurricane, Tornadoes or an earthquake. The department of homeland security is also responsible for hiring people into this regard. They can be meteorologists, architects, and engineers etc. Everyone hired by the Department works for a safe and secure America. You can find these jobs on the official website of the Department as well as different recruiting websites. Here are some of the jobs and occupations, one can select to get hired as a part of DHS.

  1. Asylum Officer
  2. Immigration Officer
  3. Border Patrol Agent
  4. Import Specialist
  5. Federal Coordinating Officer
  6. Program Specialist
  7. Law enforcement Specialist
  8. Detention and deportation officer
  9. Police officer
  10. Immigration enforcement agent
  11. Protective security advisor
  12. Intelligence operations specialist
  13. IT Specialist (information security)
  14. Security specialist
  15. Telecommunications Specialist
  16. Security specialist
  17. Attorney
  18. Biological scientist
  19. Chemist
  20. Computer scientist
  21. Engineer
  22. Physicist
  23. Auditor
  24. Human resources specialist
  25. Policy analyst
  26. Criminal investigator
  27. Intelligence operations specialist
  28. Program and management analyst
  29. Contract Specialist
  30. Criminal investigator
  31. Transportation security screener

Though this a small list of jobs offered by The Department of Homeland Securities. But to Conclude, each job requires full responsibility, patriotism, loyalty, honest and last but not the least Quick Intelligence.

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