Security Companies

Security companies are a growing business of today’s America. As the trend of employing security guards and security officers have increased, these security companies have also grown their business in the different States of America. According to the Statistical Portal, “The global security services industry was approximately 96 billion U.S. dollars in size in 2013. The revenue of the security services industry was set to reach 25 billion U.S. dollars in the United States in 2014. Security alarm services in the U.S. generated 17 billion U.S. dollars per year between 2008 and 2014. These security companies tend to hire people related to the industry of safety and security. They include security guards, security officer, chief security officers (CSO’s), patrolling agents etc. The security companies do contracts with different private and governmental organization and send their hired employees according to their requirement. As the security conditions have changed, the fear has been provoked in the people. Nowadays, they do not only rely on law and enforcement agencies, the police but they want something more to get safe and secure. They want the security of their families, assets, homes and for themselves. For this purpose, they hire security companies which employ security personals. You many seen the armor vehicles. They are actually a security company which is hired mostly by the Banks for the secure transference of large cash amounts. Similarly, different security companies are hired for different purposes. I am now going to share some most powerful companies along with their roles.

Security Companies

Security Companies are a debated issue these days. They provide safety and security to the companies, firms, and industries which are functioning in high crime rated areas. These security companies also assist the governmental military operation on land, sea and in the air. You can say that they are the right hand of military and law and enforcement agencies. They keep the information of military and security, secret. None of the information is leaked from their sources. This is why these security companies have gained the trust of government as well as private level. They sometimes also work with the intelligence agencies. The people they hire are completely skilled and trained to fight anyone and anywhere. For instance, you have definitely heard about Blackwater. This security company was formerly established with the name Academia in 1997. This security company got its first governmental contract and deployed 100,000 sailors in Iraq. Similarly, these security agencies also fight against the internal threat to the United States of America. They fight against gangsters and gang Mafias. They also help FBI in targeting mafia people and detaining them. Triple Canopy is another security company which provides security risk management and it deals working with different NGO’s, oil and gas business, mining firms etc.

Security companies are no doubt a good addition for the protection and security purposes. They made a real help to the police, military men, and special agencies. The security companies train their employees according to the recent technology. But in my point of view, they are different from traditional security guards and security officers. Though the guards and the officers are also trained well these specially hired security personals work somewhat like trained commandoes. They are armed and mostly sent to the risky and dangerous places. The security companies take oath from their hired people for fighting and facing most dangerous situations. Some of the most powerful security companies of the world are,

  • Black Water
  • Triple Canopy
  • Prosegur
  • GK Sierra
  • KBR
  • Corps Security
  • Defion Internacional
  • ICTS Europe
  • Chubb Fire and Security
  • Andrew International
  • Asia Security Group
  • Erinys International
  • TSU Protection Services
  • International Intelligence Limited
  • Unity Resources Group
  • Seneca Group
  • The Brink’s Company
  • Caci International
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Control Risk
  • Gardaworld
  • DynCorp
  • Allied Barton
  • ADT
  • Securitas AB
  • G4S


These Security companies also provide some training to the local people. This training involves of shooting, securing each other etc and helping them to fight with the rebellions to some extent. If you are planning to get hired as a security man you can choose any of them and apply in to become a part of the security company.

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