Security Guard License

Security guard license is the mandatory document for an individual to adopt this occupation. According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, 1,103,120 security guards with a license are working in the United States of America. The License of the Security guards is actually their clearance from every criminal history and terrorist background. This license clearly shows that the person is free from all crimes and is loyal to the country. As the security clearance, the license of the security guards also varies from state to state. The license of the security guards is also necessary for proving a completion of training at the job. Many people wonder about the education requirement for this job. For them, it is to mention that only a high school degree is required whereas a license is too much necessary for the eligibility of becoming a security guard. As I have notified that there is a difference in the license from the state to state, one should have complete information the terms and conditions of the state where he lives. If he does not pay attention and does not concern the related department he may not remain qualified for acquiring a license. In this article, I am going to tell you the key and the significant requirements for getting a license as the security guard. The license also assures of being the licensure for the firearms on the training. This proves a security guard to be trained for any alarming emergency situation. Let us start with the requirements.

Security Guard License

Security guard license requirements differ in states but the key requirements are same. Firstly a license can be attained if an individual is or above the age of 18 years. Secondly, he should not at all be involved in any criminal and violent activity. The third mandatory requirement is to be psychologically okay. This is very necessary because a security guard is responsible for the safety and security of the people. If he will be disturbed psychologically, he may cause more destruction to the people or buildings than someone else. And the fourth point is to have a high school diploma or certification. The other requirements vary in states and some of them are,

  • Albama—a security guard must complete eight hours of classroom training (Indoor), which is approved by the specific board.
  • Alaska—a security guard after giving application is required to complete an 8-hour pre-assignment training course along with 40 hours of on-the-job training within 180 days after security employment.
  • District of Columbia—the district requires candidates to undergo a state-approved security guard training program and earn a passing score on the state written examination.
  • Georgia—is the only state which does not require a license but a completion of 8-hours classroom training.


Security guards license and training are necessary because they are the real bodyguards. They are responsible for the security and no doubt people trust them fully. The license is the authentication of being trusted and can be taken as an oath of fulfilling the responsibilities with honesty, loyalty, and seriousness. This license also gives the guards right of arresting. It means that they have the powers to arrest as a private citizen, called a “private person” arrest, “any person” arrest, or “citizen’s arrest”. The security guard license does not allow them to carry arms or weapons. For this purpose, additional training is needed to allow arms carrying in the license.  To conclude, the other states also have their own requirements for issuing a license to the security guards. They include licensing a security company may not require a guard to be licensed. The security company is responsible for him. Some require experience of four years with 10 years clear background. In Florida, a Class D security license is required. Just like Georgia, Idaho also does not require any license or any certification of training for the unarmed security guards. In Illinois, an individual must apply for and be approved for a Permanent Employee Registration Card. This card is issued after completing 20 hours of state provided training. These are some of the requirements for the license. If you are an interested candidate, you must thoroughly go through the requirements of your state and become a skilled and licensed security guard.

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