Security Guard

Security Guards are known to be those skilled and armed persons who are hired to for the security and protection of any place or a person. In the past times they were commonly known as body guards but as the time moves on they are called to be the security guards. As the name illustrates these persons are fully responsible for the safety of any place. Including, if something bad happens accidentally or according to a plan, they have to respond positively and quickly. This is the basic job of the security guards. They usually work as a team connected to each other through walkie talkies or pagers. They communicate each other while roaming here and there and keeping an eye on everyone, every activity!

Security Guard

According to the Employment Occupational Statistics, more than one million security guards are employed only in the United States of America whereas, almost 20 million security guards are working all over the world. In my point of view, undoubtedly this is a smart job to do. You have to always remain alerted mentally and physically. Security guards are all about their skills and attentiveness. In the recent days, the trend of getting hired as a security guard has increased. According to different survey reports the security guard industry is growing steadily and will grow up to 14 percent in 2018. So if you are thinking to adopt this smart but tough job I am going to assist you in telling some more about the security guards.

Security Guard is a person who is hired for the safety of an individual, a public or governmental place. He is also responsible for the safety of any property or asset. Many of the times, security guards are hired to maintain the discipline of any place. According to a definition, “A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity.” They do this by monitoring people, buildings, and other things in an effort to prevent crime.  A security guard is always attentive and ready to respond any emergency situation. They protect their employees’ asset and follow their every order while keeping their lives at risk. Here everyone should consider that the security guards are always at highest risk while protecting us, our families and our properties. They forget their children while saving ours’. And for this, they are always alert. They observe and monitor the Surveillance cameras, emergency alarms and act immediately if there is any suspicious thing in it. They patrol in the specified suspicious areas with security dogs and sometimes alone. If we observe we can see them everywhere. They are on bus terminals, airports, sea harbors, railway stations, etc.

Security Guards do not stop here. They are also present in public places, large crowds, and gatherings, residential areas and buildings thus everywhere you could imagine. They also control the security of their employees while some outsiders visit them. You may have seen at different places where there is a small check post with a written announcement “STOP, SHOW YOUR IDENTITY”. This is all for the monitoring of outsiders. Adding, they also report in writing about what suspicious things they saw while patrolling. They are also responsible for what they report and they have to be extra quick while reporting. Any criminal or terrorist activity or any emergency including natural disasters is a game of seconds. A security guard cannot delay conveying the overall situation. This is a fact that security guards work like law enforcement agencies but unfortunately, they do not have the same rights about detaining anyone. Although they have some rights they are very few. This is a matter that must be considered by the lawmakers.  Other than this, security guards are smartest among all. They are alert 24/7 and they knew what they have to do individually and with other members. I must say that at the same time, they are tough and strict for the criminals and soft and helpers for the victims. They forget everything to save their homeland people and do every possible act for this purpose. To conclude Security guards can be believed as the right hand of the law enforcement agencies.

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